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I Love the Corps Sci-Fi RPG Available Now

Ah. Every day in the Corps is like a day on the farm. Every paycheck a fortune. Every meal a banquet.
... you just gotta worry about, y'know, the rampaging aliens looking to devour you and your squad alive, that is.
I Love the Corps was successfully Kickstarted and is now available to the rest of us. All of the books can be purchased now. Want to get a little peek inside and just see how the game works? There's a free-to-download Quick Start version to check out as well.

About the game:

It is 2450. Earth died 250 years ago. In its place, stands the Colonial Dominion. Defending it, is the United Colonial Marine Corps. Most marines are trained to fight 'Rebel scum', but there are many more horrors to face than that.

I LOVE THE CORPS is a role-playing of military, action, science fiction and horror. It uses only a single D6 for cinematic story and scene building, in games designed to feel like TV episodes or movies. Grab the Quickstart for a taste of the full game, which was funded through Kickstarter in 2016.