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Hysterical Games Announces Panzerfäuste - Futbowel

As the snow gently falls on the bombed-out no-man's-land between the trenches, it almost seems a strangely surreal scene of tranquility among all the carnage. The Great Dwarven War rages on between the Dwarves and the Orcs, the two groups huddled in their own trenches, looking to celebrate Hognachtswatch in their own way. Then, without warning, a futbowel ends up being kicked up across the Orc lines and over to the Dwarven side. As the Orcs duck down, expecting the Dwarf side to open up with machine guns and artillery, instead, there's just call of, "Oi Orcy, doz youz fancy a game?"
That's the story behind Panzerfäuste - Futbowel, a new, stand alone game from Hysterical Games.

In the game, you play as the coach of either the Dwarf or the Orc team. You're trying to score more goals than your opponent while avoiding things like unexploded munitions on the field. The team with more goals when the shelling starts up again is the winner.

The game will be released on December 1st, but pre-orders are being taken now (with a special price if you pre-order).