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Hyperlanes Sci-Fi Rules For 5th Edition Up On Kickstarter

Just about all of us have had some experience with Dungeons & Dragons. Even if it's not D&D, itself, it's through the various D20 systems that have come from it. Pathfinder, for example, comes to mind. However, what if you want to play something that's not a fantasy game, but you still want to use the Dungeons & Dragons/D20 rules set? Well, you could work at converting everything over, yourself. Or you could check out Hyperlanes, a sci-fi set of rules that uses the 5th edition rules set.

The book will bring you all-new classes and archetypes. They've been made by scraping away all the fantasy elements from those in original D&D and building back up from that framework so they fit in a sci-fi world. There's also new feats, equipment, abilities that have all been restructured. And what sci-fi setting would be complete without spaceships? Hyperlanes gives you ways to fight space battles as well. Just gotta be careful of those hull breaches.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now with still 30 days on the clock.