HyGround Tiles, a new terrain company

HyGround Tiles is a new company making modular 3D terrain tiles. They’ll be running a Kickstarter soon, so be on the lookout.

HyGround Tiles


From them to you:

HyGround tiles are a modular gaming tile system which snap together to create interesting looking and tactically challenging landscape scenarios for your miniature gaming needs. Being modular, this game system allows you to create completely different designs every time you build the game board. The gaming industry has provided us many incredibly detailed 3D miniatures, but now its time for an incredibly detailed and versatile 3D game board system to be used with your miniatures.

HyGround tiles introductory sets are designed for 28mm miniatures but we will be expanding to other scales in the future. Our first sets are primarily landscape scenes with some designs leaning toward a fantasy world.

Stay tuned to for exciting updates to our upcoming kickstarter.