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HyGround 3D terrain tiles Kickstarter launches

Yeti Militia Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new HyGround 3D terrain tiles. Go have yourself a looksee.

Hyground Terrain Tiles


From the campaign:

HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles press together to create impressive looking and tactically challenging landscape scenarios for your miniature gaming needs. The detailed tile textures and accessories have been beautifully hand sculpted for the discerning gamer and then integrated with CAD engineering for precision fitting. This modular game system allows you to create completely different designs every time you build the game board. Its for everyone. For grid movement games like Heroscape, BattleTech and others, this board is perfectly suited. AND because our design creates an almost seamless base, the system supports area movement games as well, including games like Warhammer. You're not limited to use this board system on just one type of game play. You can even bridge HyGround tiles to your existing collection of terrain sets.

The gaming industry has provided us many incredibly detailed 3D miniatures, now its time for an incredibly detailed and versatile 3D game board system, HyGround - 3D Terrain Tiles, to be used with your miniatures.