Hydra release War Rocket Wave 1

Hydra Miniatures have released the first figures for their War Rocket Pulp/Sci-fi game and miniature range.

Imperial class 2 catalog-flat-2.jpg

From their announcement:

Hydra Miniatures is proud to announce the release of our long awaited War Rocket miniatures. This first wave of War Rocket miniatures includes the first two rockets from each of the four factions: Galacteers (human space patrol), Imperial (forces of the Marduk the Tyrant), Valkeeri (domineering space amazons) and Zenithians (saucer men from the seventh dimension.)

In addition, we are releasing Squadron boxed sets that contain enough models to field a squadron of 12 rockets: nine class 1 rockets, three class 2 rockets and twelve plastic flight bases. You save 10% by purchasing these Squadron box sets instead of purchasing the models separately.

Our US convention representatives Recreational Conflict will have all the latest War Rocket products at Little Wars in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Stop by their booth to see the miniatures in person.

Finally, work is progressing well on the next two ships from each faction. The large models will be composite resin and metal kits. In the next few weeks, we will be heading into the layout phase for our War Rocket rules. The final 8 rockets and the rules will be available at Gen Con which is held August 5-8.