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Hydra new releases for March

Hydra Miniatures have sent details of their March 2011 releases. Imperial Class 3 and 4 From their announcement:
Greetings cadets! After months of silence, Hydra Miniatures is pleased to announce our new releases for March. As promised, the Imperial class 3 and Imperial class 4 are finally available for War Rocket. Imperial commanders rejoice! In addition, we have new releases for our Retro Raygun 30mm range. This month marks the re-release of our popular octopoid aliens, the Slishians. We have sculpted new facial versions to add variation and character to your slithering hordes. The Galacteers also have a new teammate, Cadet Skippy. When he isn’t getting into trouble, this 13-year-old boy genius can be found inventing new gadgets to help Ace and the team. Our retailers will be receiving our new releases in the next week or so. Australian customers can order from Phoenix Forge Games. Our friends at Recreational Conflict will be bringing the entire Hydra Miniatures product range to Cold Wars in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from March 11 – 13. Retail stores can order these new miniatures directly from Hydra Miniatures or from WarPath Games in the next week or so