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Hydra Miniatures' Summer Sale

Yes, summer. I know most of you reading this are in the Northern Hemisphere, but we have quite a lot of readers down south of the Equator, mostly in Australia (watch out for drop-bears, mates!). And there, it's getting to be summer.
Thinking about it makes me want to watch The Endless Summer again...
Anyway, as it's soon to be summer, Hydra Miniatures is having themselves a sale.

Head over to the Hydra Miniatures webshop and get 20% your order for this week (today until December 5th). Everything's on sale, including new releases. No coupon code required.

Speaking of new releases, Hydra has several of those available. The first ones are the Zenithians from the Seventh Dimension (I think I've seen that movie). Meanwhile, the Valkeeri also get something new with the Alpha Panther.

So go get yourself some alien figures.