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Hydra Miniatures GenCon preview 3

Hydra Miniatures have posted their third preview of figures they will had available at GenCon 2011. Valkeeri Leader From their announcement:
Hydra Miniatures is extremely excited to present our third and final Gen Con Indy preview featuring our latest 30mm range: The Valkeeri. The name of these buxom but deadly space amazons will be familiar to War Rocket fans. These curvy women were masterfully sculpted by veteran sculptor John Winter of TinMan Miniatures. John did an amazing job of capturing the natural beauty of the women of the ’40s and the ’50s, and has sculpted a total of six Valkeeri miniatures for our initial offering. Our two leaders are supplied with separate capes, so you can attach them or not. Our four troopers will be available as single miniatures or as a unit with one of the two Valkeeri leader variants.
Valkeeri Troopers
We already have several future Valkeeri releases in the planning stages, such as rocket sleds with riders, huntresses with beasts, and several Valkeeri characters. You can buy the Valkeeri at Gen Con Indy from Hydra Miniatures (Booth #405). The Valkeeri will see a general release from the Hydra Miniatures webstore in late August. In addition, the new releases will be available from our distributor, WarPath Games, and from Recreational Conflict, our US convention representatives. The Hydra crew will be running games of War Rocket and Retro Raygun in the Miniatures Hall at Gen Con. We always get a kick out of meeting our fans in person, so please stop by to say "hi." See you at Gen Con.