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Hyacinth Games Announces Wreck-Age 2nd Edition

Occasionally, games can use a bit of a revamp. There's nothing wrong with it. Years of the game can show parts where there's room for improvement. Or maybe some new expansions weren't working out the way they were originally intended. Or the game can just feel a bit dated. Whatever the reason, a new edition is put into the works. Well, Hyacinth Games has been looking over Wreck-Age and figured it's time for a new edition. They're going to be sending out previews of the rules that you can sign up for as well.

From the announcement:

Hello from The Wilds!

As we finalize the upcoming 2nd edition table top rules for Wreck Age, we are excited to begin sharing some of the new elements of this edition which will add depth to your games. We also would like to send you or someone you know a free PDF copy of the 2nd edition Basic Rules. Simply fill out the form here, and we will e-mail the PDF when it becomes available later this month. If you have a gaming group that wants to check out Wreck Age, please forward them this email.

What are Communities?

Community as a theme is a central part of Wreck Age and has been so since the game’s inception in 2012. In Wreck Age, Communities define your crew (the models used in game play) in everything from the type of stances they will take on the battlefield (Offensive, Defensive, etc.) to the type of goals and equipment they will have when adventuring in The Wilds. However, the game system for Wreck Age 1st edition did not have a cogent game mechanic in place for utilizing your crew’s Community as anything more than a background element, and left much of the narrative and functionality aspects of a Community up to the players and narrators of campaigns to work out.

For 2nd edition we wanted to change that, primarily because your crew’s Community should be more than just another term for “faction” or a single-line entry on a character sheet, and actually embody the communal aspects of the setting which not only define the factions but also breathe life into Wreck Age’s universe. Narrative gaming, or rather, gaming which is built around stories told through sequential game scenarios and not just “one off” stand-alone games, is a concept very much at the heart of Wreck Age. From the beginning, it was our hope at Hyacinth Games that players would be able to create a meaningful connection between their crews and their Communities which would add depth and enjoyment to their gaming experience.

In 2nd edition, the player’s Community is as much a part of the player’s crew as the individual character models. While the Community is not a playable model on the game table during a skirmish, the Community does have an effect on your crew’s ability to expand their abilities, buy new equipment, and will inform the types of scenarios you play. The Resource Units (RUs) your crew acquires through their actions on the game table also directly influence the growth and development of your Community.

Community? Crew? Huh?!

So, before going any further let us step back for a moment and go over some basic terminology. It may be easiest to think of a crew’s Community as the starting point for that crew’s construction. “What is a crew?” you may be asking. Well, a crew is the assortment of models/characters you play with in a game of Wreck Age. Each crew is associated with a Community in the setting. There are nine playable Communities (factions) in the 2nd edition of Wreck Age, each with their own unique philosophies and viewpoints regarding the world around them. Choosing a Community is a fundamental decision when embarking on your entry into the game, because your Community type will determine the categories of weapons your crew has access to, as well as the skills and abilities your crew can have, which ultimately effects the play style of your chosen band of heroes.

You can get a run down on the various Community/Faction types in Wreck Age by checking out the Factions section of the website:

There you can determine which Community seems like the right fit for you. Do you feel at home with the secretive and macabre Sitchmen who prey on others for their body parts? Or are the stoic and proud Stakers more to your liking as they defend the nascent settlements struggling for survival? Perhaps the drug-addled hedonists of the Church of Fun are more your speed, where pill popping, pranks and pandemonium rule the day. Then there are the highly regimented corporate shock troops of The ARHK—overseas colonizers utilizing advanced technologies and old-world military tactics to conquer those in their path.

As you can see, each Community is diverse, and has its own motivations for acting in the world of Wreck Age. These motivations are central to adding depth to your own skirmish games, and add fuel to the narrative fires of developing on-going exciting campaigns which can see a budding Community grow from a few hardy warriors and their dependents to a thriving settlement with multiple, specialized structures and amenities that allow for even greater crew abilities.

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