Huzzah! wargaming convention looking for GMs

The Maine Historical Wargamers’ Association is looking for GMs for their Huzzah! wargaming convention.

From their announcement:

The Maine Historical Wargamers’ Association is pleased to announce that the convention registration site is open. If you would like to run a game for Huzzah!, please visit the registration site to submit your game description.

Thank you for your support of historical wargaming, and of Huzzah! This is going to be a great show thanks to all of you who are putting the effort into preparing and running games. We literally could not do it without you.

Game masters running two or more events, or running a game during the extended Sunday session, will receive free admission to the convention.

Thanks too, to Bruce Carson of BattleGroup Boston who developed the online registration site and performed all the technical work, not to mention a fair amount of more general guidance. Thank you, Bruce.

April 30-May 2nd, 2010
Portland, Maine