Huzzah! pre-registration ends soon

Pre-registration for the Huzzah! gaming event will end soon.

From their announcement:

Huzzah! is fast approaching- only 12 days of pre-registration are left. If you’ve aready registered, thank you. If you have not yet registered, why wait? Get to the registration site and reserve your game and speaker selections. Come be a part of what we hope will be a long standing tradition of great historical wargaming in Maine.

What can you expect at Huzzah! ?

  • A wide selection of historical wargames
  • A super lineup of guest speakers (read about them here )
  • Aerodrome tournament (even a trophy cup.)
  • FOW tournament (national qualifier, and nearly full- only two seats left)
  • GMT board game tournaments and the 24/7 ASL Bunker
  • Weekend-long Diplomacy games
  • The largest selection of wargaming vendors ever to assemble in Maine (okay, that’s not saying much but we will have 13 vendors.)
  • The Huzzah! Painting contest
  • Prizes, awards, and a ticket auction

The Huzzah! Club Prize
The Maine Historical Wargamers’ Association is creating a club participation prize to be awarded annually at Huzzah! Clubs can earn points for the following:

  • Each member who registers for Huzzah!
  • Each Game Master running games at Huzzah!
  • Winning a “Battle Honour” for games run at Huzzah!
  • Winning the Shipyard Brewing Co. (one of sponsors) Best of Show award
  • Winninng a painting competition

The club earning the most points will have the name of their club and the year engraved on a lobster pot style helmet (graciously donated to us by Richard Claydon of Boston Trained Bands), and will hold the trophy for the entire year.

Need a room?
Accommodations at the host hotel are only $69 per night. Across the street the rooms are even more affordable at only $46 a night. If you want to share space with someone to cut costs let us know and we’ll try to help get you in touch with others who also want to share rooms.
(Host) Holiday Inn Portland West: double room, $69 per night, 207-774-5601
Super 8: two double beds, $45.79 per night, 207-854-1881
Motel 6: two queen beds, $45.95 per night, (207) 775-0111
Still not convinced?
Check out the lineup for yourself. Visit our web site Huzzah! to read about the games, the speakers, the competitions, the sponsors, the vendors, and all the rest. You can find the complete listing of games at our registration site. The cost of registering is only $30 for the entire weekend, and the rooms are reasonably priced. Load the car and bring your entire gaming group for the weekend. You wont want to miss it.