Huzzah! Battle of Sabis game test and terrain preview

The Maine Historical Wargamers Association have posted photos and a report from their playtest game for the Battle of Sabis demo table that will be held at Huzzah!.

From their announcement:

Our club in Maine is preparing a game for Huzzah. depicting a portion of the Battle of Sabis. In the battle, Caesar is nearly defeated by 50,000 or so Nervii near the River Selle. This game will run for two sessions at the convention, Saturday afternoon and evening. Howard Whitehouse will be on hand to help us run it and to answer questions about the upcoming ancients rules release, Clash of Iron.

Pictures of a game test and the terrain (still being worked on) can be found at the Maine Wargamers HQ forum Wargames Factory donated all of the miniatures, approximately 3,000 of them. Scale Creep donated all the Litko bases and some basing supplies. Gale Force 9 donated a bunch (40 or so) of their basing pucks filled with flock, grass, rocks, etc. Ancient Warfare magazine donated 14 copies of their magazine issue that had an article on the battle.

…and about 30 people from Maine, NH, MA, NY, VT, VA, GA, and CA have been painting the troops. Its been one heck of a group effort and you’ll be able to see it if you are coming to Huzzah.

Huzzah. Historical Wargaming for New England
April 30-May 2nd, 2010
Portland, ME