Hunchback APC now available

Antenociti’s Workshop is now selling copies of their Hunchback APC vehicle kit.

Hunchback APC

From their website:

The Agency Hunchback APC is now available in store. Priced at £21.49p this 28mm ‘scale’ vehicle is ideal as a sci-fi APC for most 28mm figures.

It comes with two alternate turrets and multiple options for those turrets (2x Quad missile tubes & Light canons, 1x Light AT gun, 2 x Missile pods).

Designed by Jed with thanks to Nick Constantine for the original inspirational concept art.

Length ~ 140mm
Width ~ 63mm
Height ~ 48mm (without turret/weapons)

Resin body
Resin wheels
Resin Turret
White-metal Weapons