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Humans Being Improv Game Now Available

I love improv comedy. I mean, Whose Line is it Anyway? Awesome show. But what if you're together with a group of friends and put on your own improv show? Well, that's where Humans Being comes in. It's a team-driven improv party game. It was successfully Kickstarted and is now available for the general populace.

About the game:

What do you get when you put some of the funniest improv coaches from famed NYC and LA improv theaters into a room? The first-ever team-driven improv party game, Humans Being. Co-created by Dennis Zavolock (William Esper Studio and Magnet Theater) and renowned master improv coach Amey Goerlich (Upright Citizens Brigade, Westside Comedy Theater), Humans Being makes improv comedy approachable and an interactive game requiring involvement from an entire team.

Fresh off its successful Kickstarter campaign that led to hundreds of units already shipped, Humans Being is available for purchase online in time for the holidays, and promises to be a hilarious new tradition family and friends will love playing together. Humans Being is the ultimate ice breaker and proves improv comedy can be done successfully by anyone. Yes, even you! I'd like to recommend adding Humans Being to the Tabletop Gaming News holiday gift guide coverage.

Humans Being is incredibly interactive and easy to get started. Two team members improv funny scenes using the game's Scene Cards, and a word suggestion from the opposing team, with the objective being that fellow team members need to guess the scene's secret challenge that was selected using one of eight Challenge Card categories. The first team to collect all eight Challenge Card categories wins!