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Human Interface - Nakamura Tower from Postindustrial Games on Kickstarter

Postindustrial Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new board game, Human Interface - Nakamura Tower. Players play as agents of their requisite megacorporations, trying to enforce their corps will on the populace of the Nakamura Tower. The game features many different scenarios, including co-op, team, and head-to-head ones. The game also has 32mm metal miniatures in the box, used to represent the various team members you can recruit. Each one can be outfitted various ways, and even can pick up new gear while they head through their mission.
The campaign just launched and is already around 50% funded with still 29 days left to go.

From the campaign:

In HINT you will lead a team of selected professionals of a given faction. Each of them has unique skills and abilities, each one can be given weapons and other equipment, be enhanced genetically or cybernetically. All characteristics and modifiers are presented on special character and equipment cards (you don’t need to constantly flick through the rulebook). Each character card has a limited amount of slots that can be filled with equipment and modifications. The player can purchase additional equipment to replace the current item depending on the “group’s assets”. You may like your heroes or hate them but they will no longer be just anonymous pawns.

Figures make HINT stand out among other games. During the design process we strived to consider the latest trends and capture the cyberpunk atmosphere. Our miniatures offer different poses and best quality. Miniatures will be make in METAL. The scale is 32 mm.

The game is played on a board showing the interior of the Nakamura corporate tower that is under attack by its rivals. The characters are moved using spaces on the board. This eliminates the need to measure distance when moving and fighting thus quickening the pace of the game and allowing to avoid misunderstandings. Each space presents a specific tactical situation that influences the characters placed on it.