Huge update for Monster from Kingdom Death

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jun 25th, 2013

Kingdom Death posted up a pretty huge update on their Kickstarter page for their Monster game. It includes info about all aspects of the production and how it’s moving along, plus a lot of preview photos.

From the update:

Schedule Update
We are still aiming to hit our target date to begin shipping rewards in november. At this time the manufacturing partners involved have made it their priority to meet our very aggressive timeline. Things will be close as time is tight. As we work as hard as possible, If I feel the quality of the game or its components will suffer in any way, I will let you know and we can decide if we should delay it or not. While I feel that maintaing our timeline is of the utmost importance, Anna has reminded me several times that actually you, the backers, are the most important and that no one wants anything to be rushed.

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  • What do you need to do to get the Slender Man figure? I’ve never understood kickstarters but would like to get this mini

    • ape2020

      Its an game expansion for Kingdom Death: Monsters that the KS (MSRP $35) and not a KS exclusive. So after backers get their stuff, it should show up in their web store and maybe go to retail at places like CMON. That is likely to happen some time in 2014 at the earliest maybe even later if things get delayed or Adam Poots doesn’t really push for a wider general release. Of course I you could pay some likely outrageous prices on eBay where they are certainly going to show up.

      Luckily I already got him on order so I just have to sit back and let this project run its course. I expect delays since it a KS but Adam seems to be really working hard to say on schedule so I’m not worried about things that are likely out of his control delaying it or if the quality isn’t up to KD standards.

  • carypearson

    Not sure in if the Slenderman was KS exclusive or not. But if it wasn’t then you will need to wait until the Kickstarter orders are sent out (looking like November or December) and then Kingdom Death would have them on their site for sale. The reason for the Kickstarter was so that they could expand their range of Miniatures and start producing plastic miniatures. But Kickstarter backers have priority as they already have committed their money.

    • Ghool

      I am willing to put money on this project being delayed…..

    • winter

      Slender Man wasn’t a kickstarter exclusive, so he should eventually be sold retail, but as carypearson said it could be a looooong time before that happens.