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How Inmates Play Tabletop RPGs in Prisons Where Dice Are Contraband

Gaming is pretty universal. You can find people doing it just about everywhere. That includes behind bars. Yes, even those in prison enjoy rolling up characters and going on adventures. But how do they "roll up characters" when dice aren't generally allowed? Well, in this article from Vice, they go inside and see how the inmates are coming up with innovative solutions to the problem.

From the article:

It may sound like a strange juxtaposition: hardened, tattooed offenders donning the cloaks of fantasy characters. Yet both former inmates and correctional officers agree: D&D is more common in prison than you might imagine. Most facilities have at least one game going. Some have a player in every cell block. According to Micah Davis, a former inmate and Dungeon Master imprisoned in Texas, "We had our own table in the dayroom. That's saying something. Aryan brotherhood table, Mexican mafia table, black guy table, and D&D table."

Some of the players are lifelong gamers, who would be doing the same thing if they were on the outside. Others hadn't even heard of D&D until getting locked up. But faced with a dearth of creative outlets, donning a metaphorical robe and wizard hat quickly became a welcome diversion.