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Hour of Glory: Die Zombies! now at Wargame Vault

Warm Acre has their game of WWII zombie-killing fun over on Wargame Vault.

From the release:

War-torn Europe in 1945 is about to experience a new kind of horror. Even as the Third Reich crumbles beneath the Soviet onslaught, Allied spies have been dispatched to investigate a supernatural threat.

In a last, desperate attempt to protect the Fatherland, Axis scientists are about to unleash the living dead!

Hour of Glory: Die Zombies! is an expansion for the WW2 miniature board game Hour of Glory. This book contains rules for playing Zombies in Hour of Glory and Bunkerstorm.

You will need the full game to play this expansion.

Pre-order the Hour of Glory Die Zombies! Gore pack

We are still waiting for the printed copies of the books to come in, so until they do we are continuing to offer the pre-order deal which includes the new expansion rulebook and a selection of miniatures to play the rules.

Order it now and you will not only receive a printed copy hot off the press when it is released in late September/early October, you will also be sent the a link to the pdf when it is available (via our partners at Wargame Vault).

The Gore pack also includes the following metal and plastic 28mm miniatures worth £35 (saving you £10!):
3 Zombie characters (Harris, Link & Nicolai)
3 Scientists
3 Scientist Zombies
20 Plastic Zombie Nazis
1 Zombie Commandant
1 Sturmtruppen Commandant
3 Stormtroopers

If you order the above deal, you will receive the link to download the pdf version of the book straight away and you are given the option to have the miniatures sent to you now or to wait for the printed book to have the whole order at once (if you choose to have the book come later, you will not be charged any extra postage).