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Hotz release Command And Colors style Game Mats

Hotz Mats have released a new game mat designed for use with Command And Colors or similar games.? Command And Colors style Game Mats From their announcement:
The Command Game Mat is designed for those gamers who play: Battle Cry, Command and Colors Ancients, Command and Colors Napoleonics, Memoir'44, Anticamente or similar games and want to play their games using miniatures. Our Command Game Mats will accommodate 15mm, 20mm or 28mm miniatures. Command Game Mat are 13 hexes in length and 9 hexes in width and are available in Earth Green and Desert Brown. All game mat surfaces are lightly airbrushed to create a varied textured surface, have a darkened airbrushed boarder area, and are available with or without the two flank lines. These game mats are currently only available with 5 inch hexes, but 4 inch hexes will be made available soon. With 5 inch hexes, the final game mat measures approximately 45x72 inches in size and with 4 inch hexes the game mat measures approximately 36x57 inch