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Hotz Mats release Enhanced European Field Game Mat

Enhanced European Field Game MatHotz Mats have released the Enhanced European Field Game Mat. From their announcement:
The Enhanced European Fields game mat was primarily designed for air combat games, but can be used for land based "hedge row" fighting typical of the Normandy region of France, but can also serve as anywhere in the world where fields and hedge/tree rows are common. This game mat not only features airbrushed fields and pastures but also has airbrushed trees/hedges that commonly line the edges of fields and pastures. The 1, 1ˆ and 2 inch hex pattern is perfect for 1/300th and 1/600th scale games; 3 and the 4 inch hex pattern is the perfect match for air combat games in both 1/300th and 1/144th scale games; whereas 5 inch hex mats are great for use with 1/144th and 1/72nd, all the way up to 15mm scale games land based games.