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Hotz Mats release 6mm Paved Felt Road System

Hotz Mats have added a 6mm Paved Felt Road System to their online store. 6mm Paved Felt Road System From their announcement:
The 6mm Scale Paved Felt Road Systems are 2 inches wide and depict the standard 2-lane highway. The 6mm roads vary in length from 7 to 22 inches in length and come in sets. Each 6mm set gives you over 27 feet of roadway for $35 USD. These roads can be custom ordered so ALL the road lines are printed in white and can also be ordered weathered to appear as if they are an older roadways (this is great for Sci-Fi games). Our road system allows you to make a highway road system as big or as small as you need. Roadways are designed to be geomorphic and therefore gives you an endless array of roadway layout possibilities. Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways sections come ready to use: no cutting or painting required, they lay flat on any gaming surface (works best on gaming mats and/or flat carpets), are easy to transport and store, folds/creases that may develop during storing are easily and quickly ironed out. Unlike printed paper roadways, which often do not last beyond one or two games before they have to be reprinted, our felt road system will last a life time and beyond.