Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways are now available

Hotz Mats are now selling their Paved Felt Highways.

Paved Felt Highways

From their announcement:

Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways are now available.

Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways is designed especially for highway games using 20mm (1/64th; 1/72nd to 1/76th; and also known as Matchbox scale) scale model cars, terrain and figures. Our road system allows you to have a highway road system as big or as small as you need.

Ease of Use:
Hotz Mats Paved Felt Highways sections come ready to use: no cutting or painting required, they lay flat on any gaming surface (works best on gaming mats and/or flat carpets), are easy to transport and store, folds/creases that may develop during storing are easily and quickly ironed out, designed to last many years of normal gaming use and look fantastic.

Road pieces can easily cut to smaller lengths/sizes to suit your needs. We can custom cut your roads at no extra cost – just ask. Roadways are designed to be geomorphic and therefore gives you an endless array of roadway layout possibilities.

Road Sizes:
Paved Felt Highways are six inches wide, and depict the standard 2-lane highway. Individual pieces range in length from seven (short curve pieces) to 36 inches (straight lengths). These products can be shipped rolled or shipped folded to worldwide addresses.

Storing Paved Felt Highways:
Always store these road sections either rolled or flat. Any folds/creases that may develop can easily and quickly be ironed out with a light steam setting. Always iron on the reverse side of the road sections.