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Hotz Mats: Felt Field Sets in 20-30mm Scale now available

Hotz ArtWorks now has their felt field sets available online for your purchasing needs. Personally, I love using felt terrain.

From the update:

Hotz Mats 20-30mm Scale Felt Fields Now Available

All our Felt Fields are airbrushed and then silk-screened with flocked furrows. Our Felt Field Sets are designed to remain flat, especially when placed onto a felt game mat, and to sit low on the table allowing you to move your miniatures on and across each Felt Field section without having it interfere with game play. Felt Field Sets ship flat, so they shouldn't arrive wrinkled or creased, and are inexpensive: $16 USD per set, and only $14 USD if three or more sets are purchased.

"I received two sets of Eric's 20mm fields this week. I have to say I am really impressed with them. They look great and are very durable, plus excellent value."
Piers Brand

Each Felt Field Set contains four individual field sections in three sizes, for a total area coverage of approximately 21x14 inches. Each field section comes in one of four different flocked-furrow colors: Earth Brown, Flax Yellow, Dark Green, and Medium Green (ie each Felt Field Set contains four field sections in four different colors). Each set ordered will contain a different combination of colored felt field sections. The flocked furrows have been treated so the flocking will not fall off during normal gaming use.

Felt Fields can be used for any time period (neolithic to sci-fi; customization is possible: I have had a number of customers request a Felt Field sets that will match our Dirt Planet game mats). This product is pre-made, and ships as soon as orders are received (unless combined with other purchases/custom made orders).

The 20mm-30mm scale Felt Fields are designed to match any miniatures/terrain scale between, and including, 20-30mm scale. We researched the scaling of our Felt Fields products by physically walking onto, measuring and photographing, several local farmer's fields.