Hotz Ice Planet game mat

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Jan 6th, 2011

Hotz Mats have posted a photo of their Ice Planet game mat.

Hotz Ice PLanet mat

From their announcement:

The Ice Planet game mat.  Airbrushed in shades of ice blue and white or white felt, this game mat is the perfect backdrop for those games fought out on lonely ice moons/planet such as Hoth.  It is also perfect for these arctic/antarctic games.  These mats are available with or without hexes/squares.

Its hard to believe its a felt game mat!

  • Marauder

    That looks pretty slick. I’d love to see pictures of an epic starwars game on a board like that!

  • Robert

    The mat is lovely.

    …but who makes those tanks?? They are beauties!

    • Tommygun

      I believe some of those are Old Crow’s 15mm range.
      Not sure about the tracked vehicle.

  • The vehicles are all 1/285th scale. The rear vehicles are old Scotia Sci-Fi (I purchased these back in the early 1980s). The front two Sci-Fi tanks are part of a set of 5 I was given a few years ago — I have no idea who made them, but I also have another, different set of 5 tanks probably from the same manufacturer. I have always wondered who made these. I should post photos of these tanks at my website to find out… someone will probably know.


  • I do have a bunch of 28mm Star Wars Storm Trooper figs (Old McEwan figs) somewhere, but I have yet to find just where I stored them. I used to put on Sci-Fi boarding action games with these, many years ago. When I do find them, assuming I find the soon, as I am looking for them, I will post photos of these figs on the new Ice Planet game mat.


  • “Refight the Battle of Hotz!”

    I seem to refight this battle every day 😉