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Hotz ArtWorks releases WWI Trench Game Mat

Hotz ArtWorks releases their new WWI Trench Game Mat.

From their site:

The World War One Trench Game Mat:
This game mat has been in the works for over five years and was the first game mat we started working on back in 2006. We are only now are releasing it because only now are we happy with the results. This is a stunning, but also a time consuming to produce, game mat -- it takes several silk screening printings, and numerous air brushing to get the artwork onto this mat, but the end game mat is both beautiful and very functional.

The Prototype WWI Trench Game Mat (photo) differs slightly from the production version. The production version has hedge/tree lines and has a slightly different road layout.

The WWI Trench Game Mat is available with 3 or 5 inch hexes or without hexes. Other hex sizes will be available in the near future.

This game mat is also suitable for on the ground Trench combat game mats (1/285th scale or 10mm scale?)