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Hotz ArtWorks Releases New Gaming Mats

Hotz ArtWorks announces the Red Sand Blue Sky Felt Gladiator Arena Game Mats are produced under licence from Two-Hour Wargames and have been especially designed for use with their Red Sand Blue Sky gladiator miniatures gaming rules system:

From their announcement:

The Red Sand Blue Sky arena game mats depict a top view of a stylized Roman arena with gate house entrances and are available in two sizes: Large and Small, in two base felt colors: Sand Grey and Sand Brown, and in two versions: Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe version of this arena game mat is printed/air brushed in 7 colors, including the base felt color, while the Standard version is airbrushed/printed in 4 colors including the base felt color. Both game mats look stunning and will greatly enhance your gladiator gaming.

Game Mat Sizes:
Small RSBS Arena Game Mats: 14 x 14 Inches (35 x 35cm) approx
Large RSBS Arena Game Mats: 23.5 x 23.5 Inches (59 x 59cm) approx

Game Mat Pricing:
Small Standard Game Mat: $9.00 USD
Small Deluxe Game Mat: $14.00 USD
Large Standard Game Mat: $18.00 USD
Large Deluxe Game Mat: $24.00 USD

Note: These game mats are available with printed name tags, as depicted in the Red Sand Blue Sky rulebook. RSBS fans stated they prefer their game mats not to have the name tags printed onto their game mats, which is why our line of RSBS game mats are shown without the name tags -- however, you may request you game mats to have name tags at no extra cost.