Hotz ArtWorks has felt fields

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May 16th, 2012

Hotz ArtWorks has a line of felt fields for your terrain needs. Don’t just use boring felt, use pretty felt!

From them to you:

Felt Fields are airbrushed felt fields with silk screened flocked furrows. A single set of Felt Fields covers an area slightly larger than 20×14 inches in size. Felt Fields are designed to remain flat, especially when placed onto our felt game mats. Felt Field sets ship flat so they won’t wrinkle or crease, and they are inexpensive: $16 USD per set and $14 USD per each additional set purchased.

Each Felt Field Set contains six individual fields in four sizes: 4×4 inches (10x10cm); 7.5×6 inches (19x15cm); 11.75×6 inches (30×15.5cm); and 9.75x8inches (24.5x19cm), for a total area coverage of just over 20×14 inches (50x35cm). Each Felt Field Set comes in a mix of 4 different flocked colors: Earth Brown, Flax Yellow, Dark Green and Medium Green. The flocked fields have been treated so the flocking will not fall off with normal gaming use.

Felt Fields can be used for any time period. These are pre-made, ready to ship.

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  • Osbad

    Lovely stuff. Would work really well for Dystopian Wars.

    Unfortunately the cross-pond shipping kills it for me. 🙁 Unhappy panda!

    Why no UK distributors?

  • It costs $5.50 to ship one set to the UK and $7.50 to ship 2 sets.

    Product is too new. We will look into distributors in the UK.

  • as79

    I wonder how these would look next to 15mm minis?

  • They look good with 15mm miniatures. The best range is 6mm – 15mm scale. For a size comparison photo, go to the last photo in our Felt Fields Photo Gallery:

  • cama

    I emailed hotzmatz a few years back, and never, ever got a response. Tried multiple times to find out things. Sadly, that will mean that no matter how nice these look, and they do, I will never order from this company.