Hordes of the Future Fire-Team available for public playtesting

15mm.co.uk have announced a public playtest of their new Hordes of the Future Fire-Team 15mm sci-fi rules.

From their website:

The first title in the HOF (Hordes of the Future) 15mm sci-fi series is now open for public playtesting.

Called HOF Fire-Team this 15mm system is a generic grid based skirmish game using teams of four or more miniatures to fight out intense urban combat. Using the same D6 mechanic as Alternative Armies Firefight 2.0 game HOF Fire-Team also has a new an innovative ‘Tech Level’ mechanic and ‘Waypoint’ mechanic which allows players to field troops and vehicles from the present day to the far future, from serious sci-fi to ‘bug hunts’ and everything in between.

If you want to get ahold of the twenty page Playtest PDF of the Rules and Sample Tiles and Army List to have a read or to get more involved and enter the playtest then here is what to do.

1. Visit the HOF Yahoo Group and Ask to Join (the PDF is hosted on the group)
2. Email Us directly for the free PDF file and we will send it to you by reply
3. Visit the fantastic Dropship Horizon blog to find the latest on HOF and all 15mm sci-fi gaming

Playtesting runs from 19.02.10 until 19.03.10 and all who get involved will be listed in the book credits and get a special offer when the game is released in April 2010.

Check out the HOF Miniature Range to see all of our packs and single castings. All can be used the the playtesting.