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Hope Board Game Up Now On Kickstarter

Well, the universe is coming to an end. Now those that remain in the human civilization are rushing out into the deep parts of space in order to terraform planets before the Regression (as the occasion is being called) gets to them. As members of H.O.P.E. (Human Organization to Preserve Existence), it's your job to find those planets as well as do what you can to stop the Regression from happening. The Kickstarter campaign for the game has just launched today.

The game is semi-cooperative. While all of you are looking to make sure that, y'know, existence doesn't come to an end, there will only be one player who is crowned "the savior of the universe." There's probably a endorsement deals that come with that, so you want to make sure that's you. You play on a 3D "illusion board" upon which you will navigate your spaceships around the ever-collapsing universe in search of new planets. Get colonies out to all the edges in order to stop the Regression and save everyone from a horrible fate.

The Kickstarter campaign is set to run for another 30 days.