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Hooch, the resource management card game, up on Kickstarter now

Hooch is a resource management card game set in the Roaring 20s. They're looking for funding over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

HOOCH is a fun and intense resource management card game for 3-6 players set during Prohibition. Each player controls a Syndicate, a groups of like minded ne’er-do-wells. The object of the game is to be the first to get the set amount of hooch before your rivals. But that’s easier said than done. First you’ve got to take control of a location, put up a still, and hire some muscle to defend it. The other syndicates are doing the same, but they’re also trying to stop you from becoming the most powerful crime lord in the city. They might go to war, sending their soldiers to take out your operation. Or maybe they’ll send a Button Man in to take out all your guys and then they can stroll in and take over the place themselves. Sure you’ll have your own Syndicate members to help you, but that won’t get you all the way. You’re going to need a public face as well. Maybe you should bribe a Judge. He can help you with all those pesky City Politics they might throw at you. Maybe a Mouthpiece to help the law bend your way. But something to keep in mind: you paid them off, maybe someone else might be able to pay more. Hooch is a game of alchohol, greed, backstabbing and violence. It’s the American way.