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Honour RPG Now Available in print

And we go from a game that's available in pdf to one that's available in print. And not extremely dissimilar styles, either. Nine Dragons RPG Ltd. has announce that Honour, the first of their primary RPG books, is now available. The game is a wide mix of sci-fi, interdimensional travel, Asian-inspired lore, and other various elements combined into one.

The main action takes place on Pangu, an alternate-universe Earth where humanity is just one of the civilized races that inhabit the planet. In Heung Gong, a major melting-pot city, there are access to The Spaces Between, which are where travelers can reach an infinite amount of alternate-dimension worlds (like those boxes form that episode of Futurama). Of course, with infinite worlds comes infinite opportunities for adventure, and infinite amounts of dangers lurking in the shadows. It's up to you to discover whatever threats and opportunities may lie ahead.