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Honor and Treachery: The Battle of Ravenwood 2-Player Starter For Wrath of Kings Now Available

Time and time again you have seen me laud the decision of companies coming out with two-player starter sets for their games. You get pretty much all you need to get you and an opponent playing a game as soon as possible. Well, Wrath of Kings has themselves a brand new 2-player starter that you can pick up now.


Honor and Treachery: The Battle of Ravenwood pits the werewolves of Goritsi versus the Ashmen of Nasier. It's quickness and brute force versus precision strikes and a more-methodical approach to battle. The starter has more than just a couple sets of figures in it, too. You also get terrain templates so you're not just playing on an open field. You really can get going just as soon as the glue dries on the minis (note: glue not included. It'd possibly leak inside the box and get all over and it'd be a mess).