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Honor Among Thieves Penny Dreadful Now Available

Sometimes you want to get away from your solo gaming books and go out and meet up with other gamers. It's ok. It happens to most of us at some point. ( ;) ) Well, the folks over at Wyrd are here to help with the release of a new Penny Dreadful one-shot adventure for the Through The Breach RPG. It's called Honor Among Thieves.


The Ten Thunders aren't a group to be taken lightly. And stealing things from them probably isn't the best idea. But... well... sometimes you just gotta. It's up to your players to get into a swanky party in order to steal the widget and make it back out. Or, you know, you could just run in with guns blazing, as I'm sure my RPG group would do. Anyway, this adventure comes with pregenerated characters for you to use, if you so desire.