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Homes 4 Dogs Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Homes 4 Dogs is a strategy party game where players are trying to match the right dog with the right person/family. Can you find the perfect match? Getting a better match scores more points (and makes you feel more warm and fuzzy, too, as a side-effect). The game is available in both physical and online forms via the campaign.
The Kickstarter is set to run for another 22 days.

From the campaign:

Homes 4 Dogs is Thoughtful Fun

Homes 4 Dogs combines the joy of joining dogs and families with the wonder and excitement of an absorbing strategy game. The simple party game rules will appeal to younger children while the rich strategy game rules will satisfy seasoned game players.

Players combine influence card points with their number of neighboring placements to achieve the required influence score to place a dog. Players compensate for less than perfect dog/family matches by playing training card points. Players can avoid influence costs for families whose influence circle has that player's color. The layout of families, influence patterns, and likely matches varies from player to player and game to game, requiring strategic insight to collect the right mix of cards and make the happiest dog placements.