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Home again. Home again.

*puts on Men at Work Business as Usual* It seems the most appropriate album for the day as I sit here back in the office ready for another week of news.

So I always used to post up a GenCon wrap-up thread on the Privateer Press forums back when I was a moderator there. I figure I might as well post one here now that I'm doing this.

GenCon this year was my... I think 6th. I can say that I've had some very good shows, but this year was my favorite. To try and list all the things that happened or who I met will only result in leaving things out, but I'll try anyway.

First I want to thank all the people who did interviews with us at the show. All of the representatives and owners and such that talked with us were very busy and I know it's never easy to suddenly have a camera pointing at you and asking you to talk for a couple minutes about everything that's going on around you. So I again want to thank them for their time.
Also, it was great to meet a lot of the people that I've been e-mailing with for over a year. To shake a hand and see someone's face creates a better connection than a million e-mails ever will.

I'd like to specifically thank the guys from GCT Studios for some rather... interesting evenings.

I've got a bunch to catch up on (understatement of the year!), so we'll be moving along at a good clip with updates.
I've got a bunch of reviews to do, so expect those coming soon, too.