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Holy Grail Games to Launch Outlaws: Last Man Standing Card Game Kickstarter

There are some that want to revamp how we elect the President here in the US. Well, in Outlaws: Last Man Standing, a card game coming from Holy Grail Games, it's certainly a bit different than just casting a vote. In the game, players take on the role of a Western governor looking to become the President. But, standing in their way, are the other Governors (there can be only one president, after all). Through deception, trickeration, and possibly other underhanded maneuvers, they'll look to become the one that gets elected. The game is coming to Kickstarter next month.

From the announcement:

Outlaws: Last Man Standing is coming to Kickstarter on September 7th…

Outlaws is a card-based game of bluff and deduction, where players take on the role of a Governor in the Wild West running for President. While keeping the identities of their characters hidden, players must move around, collect information and recover items to outmaneuver their opponent and win in one of three ways: the Good Way, the Bad Way, or the Ugly way...

The Outlaws crowdfunding campaign will be running on Kickstarter between September 7th and September 28th. At just 18 euros/ 20 dollars to pledge, we like to think that it’s a big game in a small box! Of course, there will be lots of additional goodies available for backers.

We received loads of positive feedback from players at Gen Con this year so we can’t wait to get started! We’ll have lots more to say about the game over the coming weeks.

How far would you go to become President?