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Holy Grail Games Posts Gen Con Releases

I told you that everyone's coming out with their Gen Con announcements! But you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me!?!?
... Man, Ren & Stimpy got dark...
Anyway, entirely unrelated to that is the story about Holy Grail Games posting up what new releases they'll be bringing to the show. I'm sure people's shopping lists are filling out.

From the announcement:

It’s that time of year again - Holy Grail Games is off to Gencon!

We’ll be bringing along prototypes of some of our most exciting upcoming projects:

Outlaws – Last Man Standing: A Wild West themed 2 player game of bluff and deduction. Outlaws is now just a few weeks away from its Kickstarter date, so watch this space!

Museum: A family-friendly set collection game designed by our very own Olivier Melison! With beautiful illustrations by Vincent Dutrait, Museum will be funding later this year.

Rallyman: GT: Our reimagining of a classic self-published racing game will be coming to Kickstarter in 2018.

Save the President: Due to arrive next year, Save the President is a tongue-in-cheek co-op game in which you and your friends must work together to protect the President from hordes of monsters and save the world!

Syndicate: A strategic game of hidden movement, conspiracy and influence, where players fight for control of the world's last metropolis: Tau City. Syndicate will be released early next year.

Going to Gencon and fancy meeting one of our Knights of Ni? Drop by and see us