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Holy Grail Games Demoing New Games at Gen Con

With tens of thousands of gamers converging in the ICC (I can see those lights in my sleep...), it's a great place for companies to show off new games that they're coming out with Holy Grail Games is no different and they've got four new ones that they'll be showing off at the show.

So, what games are we talking about? Well, there's Rising 5, where you play special agents, looking to keep the world of Asteros safe (not an easy task, mind you). Then there's Outlaws, where you're a governor in the Western Territories, trying to keep your political career safe while sabotaging your opponent's. Or you could try Save the President Save the World, where you're a tourist visiting the White House when it's attacked by giant monsters. You have to be able to get creative if you want to save the day. Or, finally (for this news story, anyway), you could have a go at Museum ("This belongs in a museum!"), where you are a curator for a museum at the turn of the 20th century. You must fill your museum with the greatest relics ever to be found while dodging all the things going on in the world.

You can try out, as well as potentially win, these games at the show.