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Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation Book For the Low Life RPG Up On Kickstarter

Andy Hopp has, for quite a while, amused us with his odd drawings of curious creatures. Not too long ago, he came out with an RPG that lets you jump into the skin of one of these oddities and live in their world. Well, like our everyday world, there are religions in the Low Life RPG world. Lots of them, in fact. Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation (which, by the way, I think is a hilariously fun name for a game book) looks to bring all of those religions to your gaming table. And even if you don't play the game, it's designed to just be a fun read.

So, what all is in this book of religiousness? There's not just one, not ten, not twenty, but over sixty religions, sects, and cults described in the book (it is going to be over 200 pages, after-all. Gotta fill it with something). The game system used is Savage Worlds, but it's written to be rather open-source, so you can use whatever system you might be using. Along with all the religions, there's also two new playable races, as well as various edges, hindrances, and other character-tweaking rules. There's also new monsters you might encounter while on a holy pilgrimage. So yes, lots to do and see.

The Kickstarter campaign is chugging along, already a bit more than 2/3 funded with still 29 days to go.