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HoliMaths X Card Game Up On Kickstarter

A lot of my gamer friends have small kids. I'm sure a lot of you out there either have or know of friends with small kids, too. Many are getting to the point where they're learning some starting math in school. That can be a bit tricky for a lot of kids. One way to make it easier (and to just bring the family together, in general) is by turning math into a game. Well, the folks at HoliPlay Games have come up with HoliMaths X. It's a set of cards that are more than just flash cards. They can be used to play 10 different games (oh... I bet that's what the X is for... I originally thought it was a multiplication sign... clever). It's up on Kickstarter now.

Yes, there's 10 different game rules that come with the cards. That includes 4 different Strategy games where your decisions early on will have a profound effect on the later stages of the game. Then there's 6 Training games. They're designed to help you with your math skills. Heck, I know some of my adult friends who could use some help with that at times. :P

The Kickstarter campaign for this one is up and running now. Thing is, there's only 5 days left to go. So if you want in, and to help them reach their funding goal, you gotta hurry.