HOF 15mm Cyborgs and Polymorphs rules and single figures

HOF_FT_Cyborg_Polymorph_1ws.jpg15mm.co.uk has new HOF Fire-Team rules for their Cyborgs and Polymorphs figures and these minis are now available as singles. From their announcement: A new PDF has just been uploaded to the HOF Yahoo Group for the HOF Fire-Team playtest month. It gives you rules for use in HOF Fire Team for Cyborgs and Polymorphs, classic tactics for infiltration and assassination. Check it out on the group now. You can also get the PDF direct from us by clicking the email link on our homepage and we will send it to you by reply. HOF32 Cyborgs HOF33 Polymorphs Also these two HOF miniature range 15mm sc-fi packs are now on the www.15mm.co.uk site as single castings meaning you can tailor your forces at only £0.35 each. HOF Fire Team is set to end its public testing on the 19th of March, so you have not got long to contact us or go to the group to get in on the testing and checkout the rules for free. Please email me direct with any questions on sales@15mm.co.uk