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Hockey Mask Platypus KickStarter exclusive now available from Impact Miniatures

Impact! Miniatures has a little over 2 weeks on their "Supergroup" of a Kickstarter, encompassing several different companies into their Australian-sports Kickstarter. They've just added the hockey-mask platypus to the mix.
I will get one.
I will name him Lord Humongopus.
I will love him.

From the campaign:

Impact! Miniatures has added a never sold in stores miniatures to their KickStarter. The 26mm Hockey Masked Platypus. He also comes with a razor edged boomerang and a tail holding a football.

This figure was sculpted by Patrick Keith and has never been sold in stores and will not be sold after the KickStarter is over.

If you don't like the tail holding the football, there is a basic model platypus available on the KickStarter that you can get at the same time that would allow you to change the tail to be plain or holding a stick of dynamite.

A fun figure for fantasy football or any RPG that uses mutated animals with weapons.