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Hobilar Archive Project taking pre-orders for their journal on CD

Hobilar Archive is taking pre-orders for their journal all put up on a CD for you to enjoy. You Historical gamers, this is an invaluable resource for you!

From the announcement:

The Lance & Longbow Society has plans to release the first 50 issues of their journal, the Hobilar, as pdfs on CD.
This will raise a few quid for the Society and make it easier for people to access the wealth of articles and full colour flags that have been published in Hobilar over the years. Sales to non-members will be handled by Vexillia.
As of today, 40 of the 50 issues are finished so I've uploaded a form allowing you to pre-order your copy. No payment is required at this stage; it's just an expression of interest so we can estimate volumes etc.

In the meantime here's a sample from the pdf of issue #1 to tempt you -