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Hobgoblins Hoard, New Company with new minis on Kickstarter

Kickstarter allows new companies to get a jump on funding and start out running (they get a bit of a "kickstart" if you will). Hobgoblins Hoard is a new miniature-making company with their first figures up on Kickstarter that they're looking to fund. Hobgoblins Hoard, as a company, is set to cater to the hobbyists and the 3D sculptors out there. There is no defined pre-set theme or world. They want sculptors to be able to create what they want, when they want, how they want. The sculptors can then post their figures online and the masses will vote. Those that get the most votes will go into production.

These first figures are based on artwork that Hobgoblins Hoard has commissioned based on worlds and settings that they would like to expand on. These first two figures are the Wasteland Survivor and the Er'Eli Guardian. They also have some concept art pieces up for other figures they would like to work on if the campaign gets funded.

As for funding, the campaign is just under 1/4 funded, but there's still 38 days to go, so plenty of time to make it to the base funding level.