Hoard O’Bits looking for sculptors

By tgn_admin
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Aug 12th, 2011

Hoard O’Bits is looking for sculptors to create parts and accessories for their online store.

From their announcement:

Hoard O’Bits is seeking Sculptors for new and unique bits as conversion pieces for use with existing popular miniature wargames.

Submit a picture of your mini or Bits. If a Project Design Manager approves the piece we will cast it and sell it.

We have a large number of specific pieces we are looking for if you wish to design something all ready on our want list.

For accepted pieces we are offering a lifetime commission. Quarterly payout equal to 10% of the sale price of items sold up to $10 USD per mm. Bits may be included in multiple packs with bits by other sculptors. The sale price will be divided among the bits included based on mm.

Contact us for more details.

  • pagumb

    That’s interesting news from HOB. Hopefully they’ll be able to come up with some useful, good looking pieces for folks to use.

  • maxxev

    If you are considering this, you should look to troll forged miniatures instead. Their payout is 40%, plus you retain the rights. 10% is pathetic IMO.

  • If you think 10% is bad, try $5/mm with 0% and no rights.