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HMS Dolores Card Game Available This Week From Asmodee

There are many ways one can get by in this world. Some people do it through honest and just means. Others wreck ships, wait for crates of loot to come ashore, and then run off with them. In HMS Dolores, a new card game available this week from Asmodee, you and your fellow players are in the latter group. But who will get what loot? And will you be able to grab the goods before the tide washes everything back out to sea? Those are questions you'll have to answer with how you play.


Each round of the game, four new loot cards will wash ashore. Then, two of the looters will need to haggle about their intentions. Of course, being unscrupulous sorts, you can freely lie about what you intend to do. However, after a brief discussion, you both, simultaneously, show a hand sign describing what you do, sort of like Rock, Paper, Scissors. However, the signs, themselves, aren't what gets you loot or not. They just see if you two agree to split the loot evenly, or if one of you demands first pick, or if you fight over the goods. Certain combinations will benefit one player or the other (or both equally), while other combinations means that the players fought over the goods too long and the sea has taken them back. So you have to be a bit cooperative, lest you always walk away with nothing. But then, only one of you can be the winner. So you'll have to be careful, keeping track of what your opponents have already walked off with.

You can pick up your copies of HMS Dolores this week.