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Hitech Miniatures Moving Sale

Moving can be such a pain. You have to collect all your things back together and put them into boxes, and nothing ever fits right, and stuff ends up in boxes with other things that don't really go together, and you've got to stack all those boxes together, and then you've got to move them, and ugh... a pain. A good way to alleviate some of that annoyance is to simply sell off stuff so you don't have to move it. That's what Hitech Miniatures is up to. They're moving warehouses but don't want to have to lug everything with them. They'd much rather just send it out to you. As such, they're having a sale on their website.

You can go grab figures from Hitech's webshop for 25% off. The promotion lasts while supplies do. So you'd better hurry. Help the guys out by not making them lift so many boxes, and get some cool minis in the process. Everybody wins!