Hitech Miniatures launches Mission: Katharsis Kickstarter

Hitech Miniatures got their Kickstarter for Mission: Katharsis underway. The board game project is meant to be a launchpad into a larger skirmish game that Hitech wants to create.

Mission Katharsis


From the campaign:

Mission: Katharsis is a tactical boardgame for 2 players. Meticulously crafted with dark future enthusiasts in mind, it takes place in year 3999, aboard an ARC-class spaceship. Gameplay is based on six-sided dice and is further enhanced by over 300 cards representing monsters, ship locations, as well as unexpected twists that may come about in the bowels of the vast spaceship. The inclusion of cards adds depth to the experience and makes it different with each play. At the same time, having part of the rules on cards instead of the manual makes it easier for new players to get the hang of the basics and spares them the hours of slogging through the rulebook before breaking the game out for the first time.