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Hitech Miniatures announces new board game

Hitech Miniatures has announced a new board game they're going to be coming out with soon.

From the announcement:

More than a year ago we announced the game with working title “WARHELL The Game" But, the complexity of this project exceeded our expectations and consequently our possibilites.

Already, at the stage of translation , began to appear some concerns that led us to a deeper analysis of the problems. This resulted that we were forced to move beta tests of the game on the end of year . Problematic became also produce a sufficient number of figures that would allow the release of potential that lies in this endeavor. The player should have a wide range of opportunities that would gameplay has become an interesting and impressive.. As so far , already exist almost entire army of Bio-TechCovenant faction ( missing just a few models that we are currently in development). Unfortunately bigger part opposing forces of Fallen Angels faction is still in phase of concept arts. We will continue efforts to the above-mentioned issue will be relase not only “soon as possible”, but also the most refined. Both, in terms of graphic design, fluff , different models, but also fully functional and properly balanced's rules.
However, we also have good news.
In the meantime, we have decided to release a much smaller and requires less input board game, whose title will disclose as early as next week.

In this game You will find five highly qualified special heroes who explore the spaceship possessed by two independent forces: the infected computer, which obsessively trying to keep alive the crew (even if they are dead :) ) and the embodiment of evil, powerful Demon .... . and it's so much in the beginning. Stay tuned . More information coming soon.